Atlas Marketing - 2021 Report

To anyone who might be reading this, Happy New Year!

In today's article, instead of looking forward, we are going to be looking back on the past 12 months.

It all started with Qtube, a B2B platform that is revolutionising the virtual meeting room space with their GDPR compliant software. They needed an e-mail campaign addressing some changes they made in the Christmas break, and we were there to give them a helping hand. The year started with a bang.

Now, after a few other e-mail campaigns and continuing to keep our advertising customers happy with 300-2000% ROAS, we started to work with Cheryl Hughes. Cheryl is a psychotherapist and councillor who didn't think it would be possible to start generating clients online for her online counselling. So, we started by doing the fundamentals right, and started impacting tens of hundreds of people.

Our first new white label client came in March, when BeMunchie needed their e-mail campaigns optimised. The release was a success, and we look forward to working with them in the future!

Toy Box Shop. What a success. I think the numbers speak for themselves here:

Top 5% of stores on Shopify

Expanded their in person stores by 100%

Expanded their product range by 103 products!

Vici Sinkinson has been on my LinkedIn page as a featured project for the whole year, and we really did enjoy working with her. As a company that is quite new to the creative industries, more specifically the embroidery sector, I was so happy that the market research that we did before jumping into the work with Vici was worth it.

Moving into spring/summer we collaborated with some amazing companies, doing amazing things! Enti, Kent Renaissance & Judy Bullimore all came on board, and we truly enjoyed creating and assisting in the growth of their business.

Clothing heavyweights Pre London & Zanouchi had the main portion of our attention following our new connections. We make sure every single one of our clients gets the best customer service whilst still maintaining the highest level of work. How does 2100% ROAS sound? Pretty good to me!

And, as we move through summer, we continued to show our clients that Atlas Marketing is the company for them, to move forward and grow, The Vibe Tribe thought this as well, and we are looking forward to creating & launching their app in the near future!

We continued to get result after result, whilst collaborating with some of the world's biggest companies. Johnson & Johnson who had previously worked with us to create a video that would be at the forefront of some innovating new technology, continued to maintain their relationship with the company.

And this leads us perfectly into Autumn/Winter where we continued to maintain relationships with The Fashion Circle and DNM Lab, who had a very successful winter. Hitting over 1270% ROAS.

Now, how do you get results like this? Simply get into contact via. the website contact form. We would love to share some of our expertise with you on a free 30 minute consultation call.

I hope you crush your business goals this year,

Thomas Walker


Atlas Marketing

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