E-A-T for SEO. What It Is and Why Does Your Business Need It?

Everybody strives to look for the secret to a good life, when in fact, it’s just right under our noses. If you want to live long and live well, you need to eat!

Eating is essential, a basic need—no other alternative can replace it, as it is a crucial practice that ensures your body receives the nutrients it needs. Just like the human body, your business’s website also greatly needs it, albeit with a different meaning to the “eat” you’re familiar with.

What Exactly Is E-A-T?

In search engine optimisation (SEO), “eat” isn’t a verb but an acronym. Expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness are what E-A-T stands for. Google first introduced this acronym through the Google Search Quality Rater Guidelines, a document human quality raters use to assess its search results.

To determine how much trust Google should place in a brand or website, they factor in E-A-T. Once the raters have assessed a brand or website, they’ll use the information they’ve gathered to provide a better experience for its search engine users.

Should I Care About It?

E-A-T is undoubtedly a ranking factor—depending on how your website fares, Google may view it as a valuable source of information or an untrustworthy site that lacks authority. Earning a high level of E-A-T is indeed crucial to your online success, and the lack of it could result in your failure!

Quality raters need to have a positive experience on your website. If your content meets their standards, and they’re comfortable with reading, sharing, and recommending your content, then your website will have increased chances of being well-received by Google.

Aside from being evaluated by Google’s Quality raters, you should keep in mind that your target audience will also be assessing your website based on E-A-T, even though they may not have set criteria.

How Do I Use E-A-T?

Effectively displaying E-A-T through your content could be the deciding factor—you never know how much of an impact it could have on your target audience when choosing between your website and the competition’s content.

Displaying expertise, authority, and trustworthiness seems challenging to do, but it’s actually quite simple! Just read through below to find out how you can earn a higher level of E-A-T.

Optimise and Improve Your Content

Content is king indeed! By learning how best to optimise and write your content, you can achieve your business goals and rank higher on Google.

Optimising your content isn’t just about including as many keywords as you can; you must also figure out what queries your target audience is looking for and provide answers. However, providing solutions to problems isn’t enough—it’s also essential that your content is well-written to satisfy the users.

We recommend working with a content writing agency to help with your web content. This way, you can be confident that the information you’re providing will help your target audience and your rankings simultaneously.

Establish Your Authority

No matter how well-researched and well-written your web content is, if your users don’t trust it, then it will be useless. Aside from improving your content, you should also make sure that they trust the information you’re publishing.

You can earn Google’s and user’s trust by establishing the authority of your website and authors. For example, you can show your credentials such as achievement, training, and experience, ask for testimonials, and hire a content writing agency with published work on various sites.


Suppose you want your business to rank high on Google’s search results pages and reach your target audience. In that case, you have to focus your efforts on displaying expertise, authority, and trustworthiness through your site. As long as you work with the best SEO company and keep E-A-T in mind, you’re sure to achieve online success!

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