3 Tried and Tested Marketing Approaches to Reach Customers

Updated: Jul 1

Customers are considered the lifeblood of every business and brand, so you have to work on your marketing approach to foster meaningful connections. Unfortunately, it can be easy to miss out on sustained demand for your products and services because there are far more compelling offers out there. This fact is further amplified by the Internet since with just a few clicks, they can reach a global audience. The good news is there are timeless methods that you can incorporate into your own branding identity. Consider the following:

Provide a consistent customer experience applicable to various buyer personas

There are now plenty of different approaches to consider when producing effective content for marketing, like short videos, blog posts, and even VR experiences. However, only a select few are great for your particular audience, especially when you consider the different types of customers your business would target. The good news is you can plan something that speaks to a wide range of customers. It is just a matter of being consistent throughout the customer journey to get confirmed support.

According to McKinsey & Company, their study of 27,000 consumers finds that they want consistency across all fellow customers’ experiences, meaning it would reflect negatively on your business if a majority have positive exchanges with your brand, while a few have less than favorable ones. So, ensure that you have good customer relationship systems and channels for client queries. This way, you can address any issues and make sure that what you advertise or market to all clients is as they expected!

Don’t overlook traditional marketing tactics just because there are social media options

If you have observed a number of enterprises and brands nowadays, many of them have a purely social media presence, especially small-to-medium-sized businesses. While there is some success in this approach, it should not be the only means to connect with clients because it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. You may even be surprised that some of the younger, supposedly more technologically savvy young consumers don’t have a social media presence because it comes off as a waste of time and has no real use.

The so-called traditional marketing strategies still hold a lot of merit among different industries, such as email campaigns, postcards, sales letters, and text messages. If you have a wider audience, you can even opt for television commercials and radio jingles. At the end of the day, it all boils down to how deep your knowledge is of your target market and their interests.

Use customer reviews about products and services to build brand trust

Positive customer feedback publicized on online platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, and Facebook serves as proof that your business is approachable, reliable, and worth considering to meet one’s needs or wants. However, in the same way, negative reviews can destroy your business’s reputation, leading to little-to-no growth. Therefore, it would be best to invest in reputation management solutions to maintain favorability in the public eye and success in your industry.


Deciding between marketing approaches can be a tough call to make, especially if it is your first time, or there are plenty of competitors in your preferred niche. Fortunately, there are tried-and-tested methods to consider, like the ones mentioned above. Meanwhile, if you feel there is more research, brainstorming, and re-configuration to do on your business’s part, consult with industry experts to refine your intended plans.

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