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Planning for Search Generative Experiences

The marketing world is changing quickly, SEO is too.

Google has begun testing their 'SGE' solution on Google Search, which shows a personalised, AI driven result at the top of the page. This is currently in Beta and can be enabled in your Google account.

At Atlas MKT, we have always been proactive in preparing clients for any upcoming changes. We'll go over how we will get ready for this below. This is what SGE looks like:

On the right side, Google provides additional sources for users to view:‍

What We Know

‍Google hasn't released detailed guidelines on what ranks a site in their SGE product. But, we can prepare based on first principles.

Google ranks a website if it:

1 - Delivers a great user experience

2 - Creates compelling, helpful, intent-driven content

3 - Is consistently active and engaging with users

4 - Is following Google's SEO guidelines for best practices.

Our plan is to do just that. We think that we are considerably prepared ahead of personalised AI search results. As you can see above, the type of content heavy work that we already do for our clients shows in SGE. As long as we are consistent and follow Google's best practices for SEO, we will be prepared for when this is fully released.

Looking to start SEO work, or haven't thought about SGE yet? Book a call with our founder, Thomas here. He can take you through everything we do with our SEO clients here at Atlas MKT.


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