Why Your Site Has No SEO Growth: 3 Potential Reasons

When one implements an SEO strategy, there will always be varied results. Expect a slow-moving development at first, but eventually, you should keep up with the system. If a consistent effort is exerted, the numbers will improve eventually. However, if you have been implementing your SEO strategy for a while now and still have not witnessed any improvement in your online performance, something must be wrong.

As an entrepreneur, you must find out what the problem is. Knowing what is stalling your online growth is only the way to find and implement the right solution. This article will enumerate the most common reasons some sites perform poorly in their SEO.

Why Your Organic Website Traffic Seems Stagnant

Problem 1: You Only Know the Basic in SEO

Knowing basic SEO is not a problem. In fact, it is a strength you can cultivate to improve your online performance. However, relying just on the basic information and not doing anything to understand the current situation can lead your SEO performance to pitfalls.

If you have no time to master this on your own, hiring someone else who knows how to do the job well can give you the chance to achieve what you dream of. If that is out of the question, know that various online resources could help you get all the valuable information you need.

Problem 2: You Are Prioritizing Too Widely Used Keywords

You should already know that SEO is all about finding and maximizing the right keywords for your website. However, merely doing that does not solve your SEO problems. Other companies are also doing the same. Therefore, you need to be smart about the keywords you capitalize on. Sometimes, the reason behind your lack of SEO ranking improvement is competing among common keywords.

Here are some things you can try to improve your situation:

  • Make sure to check the competitiveness of keywords before using them. You can use tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush to determine this.

  • You can use two strategies to deal with this concern: one is to bank on the low volume keywords and gradually build your authority around them; another is to choose a keyword that makes it easy for you to rank. Target one article to make it to top rank, and the rest of your content would benefit from it.

Problem 3: You Have Not Yet Established Your Authority Online

Google has plenty of criteria when it comes to choosing which content makes it to the top list. Apart from keyword choice, a site’s authority also matters. If your website looks trustworthy to Google, you have a high chance of getting a good ranking.

Here are the ways to do it:

  • Build authority about a certain topic. If you have many articles about a particular subject, Google would see you as a “master” of that topic.

  • Add backlinks from reliable sources and always check for spam links on your site.

  • Make your site responsive.

  • Consistently create quality content.

  • Promote your site on social media.


Knowing about SEO is not enough to help you meet your goal. To improve, you need to always keep yourself updated with the latest SEO trends. At the same time, you need to be aware of the weak points of your site and the ways to turn them around. If you think these tasks are something you cannot handle independently, seek assistance from SEO agencies. They would ensure that your SEO continues to progress.

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