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Influencer Management

We have always connected businesses to influencers and matched up the ideal personality to our brands, but now we have decided to help influencers find these amazing brand deals. So, no matter what your following is, don't hesitate to get into contact - we will find a brand that is looking to work with you! 

So, here are our steps about what we have done to make sure our influencers get the best brand deals! 


Media Kit

This is the first step we are going to need to take. We will design a media kit, add all your key demographics, audience engagement rates, and your top pieces of content. This allows a brand to learn more about you, and take a look behind the curtain at your performance


*updated before sending to any brand


Contacts & Reaching Out

Here is where we use our skill and connections to land you some of the biggest brands in the game. We have personal connections with Johnson & Johnson, Pre London & DNM Lab.

Quick tip: always make sure you are e-mailing someone with a name when reaching out yourself!


What are you pitching?

What do you actually want out of the relationship with this brand? 

A product based around you, a one-time deal, a year-long deal. 

We figure out the best option to collaborate with the brand always looking for a long term option. 


Project Name

This is your Project description. Provide a brief summary to help visitors understand the context and background of your work. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to start.